Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To Become An Executive Affiliate in SFI

 The other day I posted how to make money with SFI for free. So if you haven’t read it before, I suggest you check it out first before you read this post. I promised to show you how to make 500Versapoints in 24 hours so you can get free 200VersaPoints. This will help those who have no idea of what SFI is all about.
 Alright when you visit the site www.sfi4.com/12888175/FREE. Fill in the form to register. After that you will be directed to your SFI homepage. It has 12 tabs (ALERTS, TO-DO LIST, TIPS, STREAM, TRIPLECLICKS, SCOREBOARD, A2A, MOVERS, GROWTH, GOALS, ASK SC and WIN IT tabs). This is how my own looks like:

Sunday, July 14, 2013

How To Make Money Online With SFI for Free

Hello everyone today I will explain what SFI is all about. Some of you must have heard of SFI before but you were not sure if it is real or one of those scams online. But I can tell you that it real and you know what it’s free! So you have nothing to lose. You can earn money just by doing simple task on their website. So let’s get started.

What is SFI?
                SFI means Strong Future International. It was launched in 1998 with just one product sold only in the United States. Today SFI has now grown to more than 71000 products and services sold in more than 190 countries around the world. It is believed to be the largest Marketing Network in the world. SFI Affiliate Program is a business opportunity that will make you a success.