Sunday, July 14, 2013

How To Make Money Online With SFI for Free

Hello everyone today I will explain what SFI is all about. Some of you must have heard of SFI before but you were not sure if it is real or one of those scams online. But I can tell you that it real and you know what it’s free! So you have nothing to lose. You can earn money just by doing simple task on their website. So let’s get started.

What is SFI?
                SFI means Strong Future International. It was launched in 1998 with just one product sold only in the United States. Today SFI has now grown to more than 71000 products and services sold in more than 190 countries around the world. It is believed to be the largest Marketing Network in the world. SFI Affiliate Program is a business opportunity that will make you a success.

Ok. What should I do?
                When you join SFI today you become an Affiliate. The first thing you should do is to try and Get 500Vpoints so that you can earn 200Vpoints for free. This is very important.
Wait a minute what’s these Vpoints am talking about?
 Vpoints are points you get by doing some task which is in you to-do-list tab when you login. So at the end of the day you have 700Vpoints! (500Vpoints + 200Vpoints) When you get that, it shows you are serious. Next thing you should do is to get another 800Vpoints within that month to get a total of 1500Vpoints (i.e.700Vpoints + 800Vpoints). You goal is to hit that 1500Vpoints to become an Executive Affiliate.
Enough of these Vpoints tell me how I make my money
                Ok. Calm down. Let’s talk about how you make this money. There are six different ways you make money from SFI. An Affiliate can make money with only two ways while Executive Affiliate can make money with these six ways.
Direct Commissions (Affiliate and Executive Affiliate)
                If a person you referred to SFI buys something from you earn 45% of the money. For example if a product has a commission volume of $23 and someone you referred orders for it. You earn $10.35 (45% of $23)
TripleClicks Executive Pool (Only Executive Affiliate)
                For each VersaPoint(Vpoints) you accumulate during the month, you will receive one share of the month’s pool. The more VP you score, the more you will earn from the Triple Clicks Executive Pool! It’s that simple. Oh you see why Vpoints are important now. Another Good reason why you should be an EA (Executive Affiliate)
Co-Sponsor Commissions (Only Executive Affiliate)
                I really like this one. When you become an Executive Affiliate, Co-Sponsored Affiliates are allocated to you. It’s like Affiliates who will start working for you. Each time they place an order to buy a product you earn 15% of the money. Just like that. Wow!
Tcredit bonus (EA2)
                Become an Executive Affiliate for two month and get free TCredits. Do you have e-books or maybe products to sell? If yes TCredits are used to list your products on for sale so people can come and buy. You make you cash.
ECA Referral Program (Only Executive Affiliate)
                Ok. Let me put it this way. Refer a company that sell a product to list their products on for sale. Each time someone buys a product you earn 55% of the money.
SFI Pay-Per-Action (Affiliate and Executive Affiliate)
                Here you act as an advertiser for SFI. Tell your friend about SFI. They sign-up for free and you earn up to $12 or invite them to join you earn up to $5. Looks so simple? That’s just it!
Cool. But you keep talking about
                Aa! You got me there. is a Sub-Division of SFI, Just launched in January 2009. It features thousands of products. It also allows its members to simply and easily sell their own unwanted items for cash or trade. You can promote and earn commissions on almost every product and service available at TripleClicks.
Emm . . . Can you please tell me how to make this 500Vpoints immediately I start?
                Coming up very soon . . . .

      That was part of the conversation between me and my friend when I introduced him to SFI. I guess it contains a little idea of what SFI is all about. Next post I will explain how to make 500Vpoints on your first day on SFI and how to hit 1500Vpoints in a month that’s your goal.
So what are you waiting for? Join today. Click here

For how to become an executive affiliate and how to make 500Versapoints in one day, visit the post :: How To Become An Executive Affiliate In SFI


Johny Depp said...

It seems that it is a good idea to earn money but how much we can earn through this method on a monthly basis?

Johnny Depp

Make Money Online

Chinonso Charles said...

@Johny Depp.
Some members of SFI where interviewed and was publish in "Lauchpad" in SFI.

ROBERT BLACKMAN now earns as much as $85,000 per month.

TRACY DIETERICH earns $36,000+ monthly.

DR. JOE RUBINO now cruises at over $62,000 each month

ROBERT BUTWIN drops $80,000 or more into his bank account each month

DAVID A. NELSON clears $40,000 in a month.

And so.

These are some interviewed members of SFI. Your success depends on how much time you put into it. Hope that answers your question.

Good Luck!

SEYI BEST said...

Goood post. I'm a member of SFI as well but you can now have a Paypal in Nigeria noiw and use. It for SFI programe and cashout your money with ATM right in your home

Chinonso Charles said...

@SEYI BEST Thanks For the Feedback

Anonymous said...

hi chinonso how do u purchase frm nigeria wt tripleclicks? do u have a facebook acc. so we can connnect? my facebook acc is achikeh perpetua/ pls lets connnect so u can help me out thanks

Chinonso Charles said...

@Achikeh Ok. I will get to you on facebook as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

thanks i am waiting or beta call or tes me on 08086236759 Godbls.

Anonymous said...

@Chinonso, you should be a GTL by now with your activities on your blog, pulling PSAs to your team, kudos!

Chinonso Charles said...


Anonymous said...

If you don't have a credit card that's accepted world wide don't venture into SFI or a paypal account! People are making money there for sure, but SFI is not d ideal thing for newbies especially those that don't have enough money! Making money online is not overnight, it takes time patience and experience to figure things out! Except you have enough money and a way to pay as mentioned earlier then you can apply for 1 on 1 coaching that's the easiest way!

Satish Babu said...

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