Monday, August 5, 2013

Some Frequently Asked Question About Remenk Computers

                Hello everyone. Its question and answer time. I want to share with you some Frequently Asked Question about Remenk Computers also know as Wealth Power. You don’t know Remenk Computers and how to make money with them I suggest you read this post: How to make Money Online with Remenk Computers
What is Wealth Power?
                Wealth Power is a financial empowerment initiative coupled with wealth distribution strategy that is meant to put an end to the deadly scourge of lifetime poverty and mediocrity lifestyle that has turned supposed to be hero to zero and great men to ordinary men, noble men to nobody. It is an income avenue that will change your whole life for the better.

                It is a tested and proven Empowerment program that harnesses the power of online investment opportunities to reward its members. With the one up system, you register with a pin given to you and also refer a minimum of two people, then get paid every week. They empower members with handy tools that earn them over N180,000 monthly. Members can also share their financial burdens and by referring just two people (minimum) they have the opportunity of a consistent healthier and brighter life style.

What are the benefits to registered members of wealth power?
Benefits to registered members of wealth power includes
a.       Instant access to online investment opportunities

b.       Earn up to N180,000 every month and more as you go
c.       Sms alert on payment
d.       Instant account update for every new downlines
e.       Check your account status from your black berry and internet enabled phones.
f.        Continuous access to N20,000 worth of training bundle
g.       Trianing Tips on how to start your sms Business
h.       One – time referrer link that simplify referring
i.         Send free SMS to friends to join using their site.

Benefits from me when you join
a.       Get free e-books on Traffic Tactics, Google hackers, Make Money with Facebook.
b.      I will design a free blog for you to advertise your code.

What is the Minimum Payout?
                The minimum payout is N1,000. They pay everyone, no matter how small or huge the money is.

How long does it take before my account balance is updated when someone joins through me?
                Your account balance is updated instantly! When someone joins your Empire online, your account balance will be updated as soon as the new member has been registered.

When do I get my money?
                Instantly! As soon as your downlines register with Wealth Power, your account with them is automatically updated and the accumulated sum is paid into your Bank account every Friday following your withdrawal request.
                They pay every member once a week (Every Friday, “Happy Friday”). They pay directly into your bank account following your withdrawal request.

Click here for the full post on how to make money from Remenk Computers.

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Jerry Gene said...

Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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Hello Charles,

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