Monday, August 19, 2013

How To Register And Make Money With Remenk Computers

            Some people still find it difficult to register with Remenk Computers. I have decided to make a simple post on how to register with them. If you register with them you get N20,000 worth of e-books, Send free sms with their site and so on.
        This is also an opportunity for you to get some ebooks that will help you in life and also some business ebooks. On Thursday when I came back home, I thought I won’t make any money that day for not inviting anyone but I login into my account to see I have already made N3,000. That’s the screenshot of my Remenk account below.

Little proof from Remenk account
*Click to expand

Please note if you don't have money to start the business, contact me so i can help you start it.

Before we continue I will like you to study How you can make money with Remenk Computers
After that we are ready to explain how to register with them.

                   How To Register
They use 2 banks. Select any one of your choice.
Where you are going to pay the N2,000 for registration.
Why am I paying the 2k? I hope am not been scammed.  The 2k is for buying a pin for registration from the company. I have already said the reason in this post:

Their banks are:

Bank: GTBank
Account Number: 0112827954


Bank: First Bank
Account Number: 2021623008

After payment sms your name , phone and Teller Number to 08065193665 (The company's phone number)

Next you will receive a registration pin within 24 hours.

After that visit

On the registration tab you will see 7 boxes:
And this is what you will enter

Referrer boxwp13000847 (use mine because I referred you to the site) 
Usercode box: Don't touch any code you see here it is going to be your own.
Pin Code box: When you receive your registration pin enter it here.
Password box: Enter the password you will like to use
Retype Password box: Re-enter the password again
A Question box: Select a simple question
An Answer box: Answer the simple question

Click Continue. You will be redirected to another page where you will fill in your name, email, your address, your bank account and so on! Don't make mistake in filling you account details make sure it is correct. Click continue.

You will then receive your N20,000 naira worth of e-book on your homepage to download for free.

And after that you are now a member, you now have access to their recommendation section where you can send free sms to friends and you are ready to make money Online.

Do have a nice day
Call me if you have any question

Chinonso Charles


Johny Depp said...

The idea not so clear where can i get more information about this method.What are the proofs that prove this method to be a legitimate one?

Johnny Depp

Make Money Online

Chinonso Charles said...

@Johny Depp
First hope you have read the first post about Remenk in this post
How to Make Money With Remenk
You can find more information on Google or your favourite search engine by doing research on "wealth power" that's what people call them.
Then you can now contact me with my email for proof.

Adeniyi said...

1. So after i made my payment and register with your refer pin, how am i going to get you e-book and other strategies you promise?
2. has for me i already own a blog, is it necessary for to create another blog for me?
3. please can you tell me how i can make money with my blog.

Chinonso Charles said...

1. Once someone registered through me. I will get the notification in my Remenk account. I can always see the person's email and phone number in my Remenk profile. So I will send the e-books and the information to his/her email.

2. There is no need for creating another blog. In fact it's not a must you must have blog to make money from Remenk.

3. You can contact me with my email. So we can discuss about it (

Hope that helps?

Anonymous said...

How does this company Remenk make their money? that aspect is not clear and it surely looks like fraud, u get paid by referring people to their site and they pay you is that all this company is about? And what assurance can you give that this a continuous process?

Chinonso Charles said...

Good question, that will help others who have similar question to know more.

Now, if you really understood how you earn from your downline and you calculate it well you will notice the company makes a lot of money too, you don't earn from the first person that joins through you. Now check out the illustration diagram @
that will explain it better . . .

Its not only referring, you can see the benefits of members @
and click on " what are the benefits?"

All you have to do is set up as many downline as possible,, if you decide to stop,, you will keep making your money continuously from your downline provided they are active . . .

Hope it's clear . . .

Anonymous said...

please i really need your help to join your company and start making money ,i dont know if u can help me register i ll be greatfull my email is u can please get back to me

Chinonso Charles said...

@anonymous . . . Its not my company. But i will help you to join it if you are interested.
Check your mail . . .

Anonymous said...

I want to join the company, pls help me sir. These is my gmail,

Anonymous said...


Stephen CHIKE GEORGE said...

This company is worth trying, my friend has told me about it. I used to doubt such companies until I got a truely genuine program where money is shared instead of media files.

shantel Mark said...

Please how do I join the company. My email is interested. Thanks

john said...

is a scam

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