Saturday, September 14, 2013

Proof That Wealth Power Do Pay And How They Pay

I am creating this post to prove to you that Remenk Computers (Wealth Power) do pay their members and will also explain how they pay. I will use my name for example. My full name is Asadu Chinonso Charles. Oh and I took some of the pictures from my old java phone where the sim I used to register for Remenk Is. Hope you don’t mind J. Anyway let’s get straight to the point.
When you earn from Remenk they will send you message saying “Asadu, you’ve earned N1,000 from wp13000847. Earn another N1,000 instantly! By persuading wp13000847 to refer one person on 07032691811 Login to Withdraw”. That's just an example. It will look like the screenshot below when they send you the message.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Send Free SMS From Remenk Website

A lot of people have been making money online in Nigeria from Wealth Power also known as Remenk Computers. It was initially done offline in Lagos in 2005 but today it’s now done online. If you want to know more about Wealth Power you can read this post:
In this post I will explain how to send a free sms from Remenk website (wealth power). To send a free sms with their site you must be a registered member.  To learn how to become a registered member, click here.
            After you have registered log onto At the left side of site, look for the “recommendation” section with a yellow colour. It looks like this