Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Send Free SMS From Remenk Website

A lot of people have been making money online in Nigeria from Wealth Power also known as Remenk Computers. It was initially done offline in Lagos in 2005 but today it’s now done online. If you want to know more about Wealth Power you can read this post:
In this post I will explain how to send a free sms from Remenk website (wealth power). To send a free sms with their site you must be a registered member.  To learn how to become a registered member, click here.
            After you have registered log onto At the left side of site, look for the “recommendation” section with a yellow colour. It looks like this

click to expand*

Click on the link that says “Click to continue” then a box will come up.

click to expand*

Fill in the number of the person you want to invite. If you want to send an invitation to the person via email, you can also enter the person email. After that click on continue.
click to expand*
Next enter your name, phone number and click on send invitation. Make sure you don’t make mistake.  That’s all.


Wolverine said...

I have a question please: What is your review on Networking Earners? Is it similar to Remenk Computers/Wealth Powers where you refer people and earn money?

Are they also for REAL?

I'll take your word as the Truth as you are a pro in the system.

Thanks in advance.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Wolverine is also a good referral based network in Nigeria like Wealth Power. It' real and affordable for those who don't want to spend much online. They do pay. But 7 - 8 people must join through you before you earn. One thing from is that your downline can't earn you money when they invite people to join. I will be making a post on that very soon to explain it well. I still recommend it.


Imran Seo said...

Great collection of free text sms
likemarathi sms. Read it, Share it, Suggest new one......

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