Saturday, September 14, 2013

Proof That Wealth Power Do Pay And How They Pay

I am creating this post to prove to you that Remenk Computers (Wealth Power) do pay their members and will also explain how they pay. I will use my name for example. My full name is Asadu Chinonso Charles. Oh and I took some of the pictures from my old java phone where the sim I used to register for Remenk Is. Hope you don’t mind J. Anyway let’s get straight to the point.
When you earn from Remenk they will send you message saying “Asadu, you’ve earned N1,000 from wp13000847. Earn another N1,000 instantly! By persuading wp13000847 to refer one person on 07032691811 Login to Withdraw”. That's just an example. It will look like the screenshot below when they send you the message.

How To Make Money In Nigeria
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Once you login into your account. If that is the first time you are earning you have to verify your email address. After verification, you click on withdrawal button. They will send you a message telling you to confirm that you are the person that made the withdrawal. 

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If you did the withdrawal yourself no need to login to verify .When you do that they will pay you your money on Friday. Below is a screenshot from UBA showing they have payed the money.

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How To Make Naira In Nigeria
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Make Naira In Nigeria
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That’s some of the screenshots from UBA(My bank). By the way even if you visit the site you will see list of those earning from wealth power. My name is also there.

Online Money In Nigeria
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Visit: How To Make Money From Remenk Computers. to learn how it works.

Visit: How To Register With Remenk Computers to see how to register


Anonymous said...


Chinonso Charles said...

@Trendy . . . Thanks for the feedback

Sonih Fidic said...

great! cool ways to make money online

Chinonso Charles said...

@Sonih . . .. thanks

Dapo Adeniran said...

I mind ooo that you are using an old java phone,which java phone will have that kind of screenshot?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Dapo,, lol,, Look at what i did,,

Dropped the java phone on the table and took a picture of the screen of the java phone with the andriod phone...

Is that not simple?

Ann Chetachukwu Ubah MD said...


Merrit Achegbulu said...

Why is the massage coming from WP and am seeing Via MTN inside the massage. Am interested I just want to be cleared.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Merrit,, Once you earn, WP will send you a message telling you that you have earned,, Then they will pay you the money on Friday to your bank account. The "Via MTN" you are seeing there means that the message was sent to my MTN line because in my Android phone i have two lines,, the MTN line and Etisalat line,,

I hope its clear now

Bman Bee said...

i am interested how do i go about it and is this really genue

Greater Destiny said...

I will personally mentor you. Legal ways to make money online as a Nigerian. Visit

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