Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to Withdraw Your Money From Remenk Account

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I posted here. People are still calling to  ask how they can withdrawal their money. This post will help you withdraw the money you made from Remenk Computers also known as wealth power. I want to use this opportunity to tell those that are yet to join Remenk that if they don’t have money to start Remenk, contact me I will help you start it for FREE! But you must know the basic knowledge about Remenk first. I will ask you questions. I have also stopped creating blogs for new members.

Ok. Let’s get straight to the point. You have made your money from remenk and you are ready to withdraw. The first thing you are going to do is log into their site using your usercode and password.  If it’s the first time you are withdrawing, click on the deposit tab to verify your email address. They will send you a message to your email address. Click on the verification link. After that you will receive a message that you are successful.

After the verification you don’t need to verify your account again. You are now ready to withdraw. Click on the withdrawal tab. It will take you to the “withdrawal request” page. It’s show below.

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Click on the “Continue” button to go to the next page. It will take you to where you will verify your account number where the money will be payed to. The next page will look like what is shown below.

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Once you are sure your bank name, account name and account number is correct click on “withdraw” button. You will now get a message that says:

“Withdrawal request received your bank account will be credited on Friday”

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On your phone you will receive a message:

Dear *Your Name*, you have made a withdrawal request of *amount* Login to verify your bank details before it is credited Regards, the Wealth power team

If you are the person that made the withdrawal there is no need to login again to verify you bank details. After that on Friday you will receive an alert from your own bank telling you that you have being payed by Wealth Power.

Finally you will get a message from Wealth Power saying:
“CONGRATS! We’ve credited your bank A/C & debited your wealth power A/C with your earnings. Refer more people and tell your downlines to refer one person”

That’s all! Enjoy!


IKENNA OBI said...

my downlines are not inviting others, what do i do?

Iyke Obi

Chinonso Charles said...

@Ikenna . . . Contact them, find out what they have done so far, give them some tips on how to go about it and try to encourage them.

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