Friday, October 10, 2014

How To Change Your Bank Account In Remenk (Wealth Power)

Ooh my word! It’s being long. I have being working on so many things. Finally back! But wait a minute working on what? Umm. Don’t ask me. Anyway back to the topic: How to change your bank account in wealth power. What? Why should I change my bank account Mr Charles?

I woke up one morning looking very happy and smiling. Guess what? It was Friday and as a wealth power member (remenk) you login to withdraw and get ready for an alert. You know what I mean. So I logged in, clicked on the withdrawal tab and I saw something: “Note: N150 charge applies to non GTBANK and First Bank Customers”

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What does this mean? If you are not using GTBANK or First bank, N150 will be removed from your money before they credit your bank account. E.g. Instead of paying you N10,000 they will credit your bank account with N9850. So don’t call me and start crying.
So we have a problem. We need a solution. If you don’t want N150 to be removed, all you have to do is change your bank to one of the bank above. How?
It’s that easy. Click on the profile tab

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Good. Scroll down to this section as showed below:

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And carefully enter your GTBANK or First bank details. After that you click on “Save Changes” and go back to withdrawal tab to withdraw your money.
That’s all . . .


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