Sunday, March 15, 2015

How To Partner With H2i And Get A Laptop, A Hyundi Car and Other Incentives

I was talking to someone the other day and the person told me “Guy have you heard of Helping hands international? it’s a new business where you can join, earn money and once you get to a particular stage you will be rewarded with a brand new Hyundai car and 1 brand new apple/HP laptop”. I looked at him and said to myself “Haa! This one is looking for someone to collect money from for this election” and I smiled to myself. The following week, it was time for NTA network news and I really wanted to know how far with the battle between Goodluck and Buhari. Ooh but there was a power outage, so I heard to tune in to a local radio station with my phone to listen to news but there was a program going on and it’s all about “Helping Hands International”. “Haba! This same business again”, I said to myself. From how they were talking about it and the experience I heard about online and offline business, I was convinced that it might be true. So I went online, thanks to the free local area network in my area and researched about “Helping hands international” and I was impressed by what I saw. I felt like joining that night. Oops but it was dark already.