Sunday, March 15, 2015

How To Partner With H2i And Get A Laptop, A Hyundi Car and Other Incentives

I was talking to someone the other day and the person told me “Guy have you heard of Helping hands international? it’s a new business where you can join, earn money and once you get to a particular stage you will be rewarded with a brand new Hyundai car and 1 brand new apple/HP laptop”. I looked at him and said to myself “Haa! This one is looking for someone to collect money from for this election” and I smiled to myself. The following week, it was time for NTA network news and I really wanted to know how far with the battle between Goodluck and Buhari. Ooh but there was a power outage, so I heard to tune in to a local radio station with my phone to listen to news but there was a program going on and it’s all about “Helping Hands International”. “Haba! This same business again”, I said to myself. From how they were talking about it and the experience I heard about online and offline business, I was convinced that it might be true. So I went online, thanks to the free local area network in my area and researched about “Helping hands international” and I was impressed by what I saw. I felt like joining that night. Oops but it was dark already.

Enough of the story let’s go straight to the point. What’s Helping Hands International all about? It’s a divinely inspired organisation delivered into the hand of Mrs MAC-ELVIS Luzviminda, a dynamic Lady from the Philippines, gifted with exceptional habit of giving, helping and consumed daily by the passion to make this world a better place for the common man. She said

“I am a simple lady of little beginning who has enjoyed the mercy and grace of God. My growth experience has shown me the irrespective of background, location or education, you can still achieve your dreams. All we need is a Helping Hand. Someone genuinely interested in his fellow man, who is ready to go the extra mile to make the next person believe that he can be what God made him to be. My heart pants consistently for the down trodden. I can’t turn away from the less privileged”

Their vision is to help the needy and the less privileged globally.

Their mission is to touch lives of people (non-members) through the members, to empower members(globally) to be skilful thereby creating wealth and job and to engage members in a business opportunity via a genuinely proven and tested platform called referral marketing.

Benefits for Members of Helping Hands International
1. Brand New Cars (Ipad/Laptop)
2. House of your own
3. Free Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop
4. Child Educational Fund
5. Trade and Skill Acquisition Training
6. Earn Great Income For Life
7. Source of Help for Less Privilege and The needy
8. Interest Free Loan without Collateral
9. Assets and property support opportunity
10. Luxury trip abroad yearly
11. Residual income yearly

Some live pictures taken at the 1 year/car award presentation ceremony in Lagos on Saturday 6th December 2014


- Register with Your One Time $40 (#6,600) Membership Fee
When you register you get a free blog designed for you from me so you can advertise your username so people can join you.
- Get ONLY TWO or more of your friends to also become Help Partners
You are afraid of referring people don’t worry in H2i, I help my team. Once someone wants to join me, I will place him/her below my last downline. i.e. when you join, the next person to join after you I will place him or her below you. This will also make me to move to the next stage. So don’t worry, I will do the work for you. All you have to do is join.

H2i has 5 (five) stages
- After your successful registration, you are placed on stage 1 (as an Associate Member), you are expected to invite ONLY TWO people to join you as Help Partners, (each of the them will earn you referral bonus of $8 = $16). Each of them is also expected to invited ONLY TWO people, when this is done, you get what is called Matrix bonus of $10, = $26, then you will be moved to Stage 2, called Master. Note: you can still invite more people, each of which will earn you $8.
- Now as Master Member now in stage two, you are not necessarily expected to invite anybody again (Although, if you so wish you can and it will be to your advantage). So as each of your downlines (the two people you invited and the people they invited) complete their stage 1 they will be join you in stage 2 and you will be getting what is called Matching bonus ranging from $100 - $1,000 (level 1-5). And you well be rewarded with A Brand New Apple Ipad/Hp Laptop as an Additional Benefit when you complete stage two. Then you will be moved to stage 3 called Super Master.
- At Super Master stage, as your stage 2 members are joining you, you will be getting Level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $200 - $3,000. And when they are completed, you will also get the following additional benefits:
* A Brand New Hyundai Elantra worth over $15,000. 
* Trade & Skill Acquisition fully paid for by H2i
* Two recommended members of your family/friend/church members for Humanitarian support/empowerment (Up to $1,000 each). Then you will move to stage 4 called Minister.
- As a Minister Member, now in Stage 4, also as your stage 3 members join you, you get level 1-5 Matching bonus ranging from $300-$6,000. When they are completed, you will get the following Additional Incentives:
* Another Brand New Hyundai ix35 Executive Jeep that worth over $30,000.
* Interest Free Loan (on request)- up to $12,000
* Property & Asset Funding (70% support of up to $12,000)
* Humanitarian Aids to 1 orphanage home in your neighborhood on your recommendation.  Then you move to stage 5 called Prime Minister.
- As Prime Minister, now in Stage 5, you only need 6 of your members from stage 4 to join you, as soon as this is done, $12,000 is created to your account instantly. And in addition, you get the following incentives:
Housing Fund up to $40,000 
* All Expensive paid International Trip
* Education Fund (2 kids) $2,000
* Yearly Infinity Bonus of $5,000
* Elite Club Membership Loan up to $44,000 
And other incentives.

Join Our H2i Team Today, Our Success depends on yours; you will be getting our full support to get the TWO people you need to succeed in H2i. 

Moreover, Even if you are yet to get the two people, we guarantee you of getting them for you through spill over from us. So the earlier you join us the better.

To complete your register you will be asked to choose a payment method, so I advise you use Ewallet, because it is easier and cheaper. Please contact the person that directed you here or the contacts details below (if you are not directed here by anyone) for more about Ewallet to complete your registration.

Get More Information about Helping Hands International (H2i)


How To Register As a Member Of H2i Helping Hands International

For more information about Helping Hands International H2i contact me now

Chinonso Charles
Email: or
Phone no: 07032691811 or 08180966198
Google+: Chinonso Charles
WhatsApp: +2347032691811 or 08180966198
Twitter: @gunnersky

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team South Africa:

Mr Mayamiko:
Phone and Whatsapp: +27616748045

Mrs Catherine:
Phone and Whatsapp: +27827117317

Mr Phakiso Simon
Phone and whatsapp: +2781516 4597

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Lesotho:
Mrs Manako Tetsoane:
Phone and whatsapp: +2665906912

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Tanzania:
Mr Nassor
Phone and whatsapp: +255766693697

Mr Thomas
Phone and whatsapp: +255767491733

Mr Idd Ally Athuman
Phone and whatsapp: +255767491733

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Uganda:
Mrs Doreen
Phone and whatsapp: +256701241066

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Jamaica:
Mrs Ellen Edwards:
Phone and whatsapp: +1(876)277-0407

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Ogedengbe Moses Ilemobayo said...

Hope this is not another scam?. If I join now, how do I pay the $40 or is it possible for someone to transfer it into my Ewallet for me to use it to update my account and I then pay the person equivalent amont in his/her bank account.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Moses,, Good. For example if Mr A wants to register Mr B,, Mr B will pay N6,600 to Mr A bank account. If Mr A has $40 in his ewallet then he will use it to register Mr B,, but If Mr A doesn't have $40 then he will send the N6,600 to another member of H2i so the person can transfer $40 to his(Mr A) ewallet so he(Mr A) can use it to register Mr B. As simple as that.

But from May 1st 2015, you can use your Master card to make payment and use bank wire to withdraw your money.

I hope its clear now . . .

Ogedengbe Moses Ilemobayo said...

One more thing. Since one can only withdraw through member to member transfer, so do you think one can actually get somebody who is willing to get money ranging from $5000-$10000 to register new member?. If yes, do you promise in helping in this area.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Moses,, of course yes and you have my full support. My upline can also help.


Ewallet is only for south african countries, what about people from other countries who are interested to register?

Samson Peter said...

I have started an H2I office in Tanzania and started it as an NGO and we are ready to pay our money.It is OK for an Organization to become a member or it is for only individuals? Pastor Samson Peter.

Chinonso Charles said...

@WAPI,, Ewallet is not only for south Africans, it's for everyone

Anybody can register as a helping hands international member from any were in the world

Chinonso Charles said...

@Pastor Samson,, of course yes, an organisation can be a member,, there is nothing bad in that.

Keep it up, ur doing a great work in Tanzania!

Anonymous said...

To me this sound too good to be true, what are their own Gain(Profit) in doing this i want a Good and reasonable reply and what is the H2i really meant for???

Chinonso Charles said...

Good,, that was the same thing I said when I heard about helping hands international,, " sounds too good to be true " and that made me not to join the organisation early. And am regretting why I didn't join earlier. If you seat down and calculate how much they will make before u even receive a laptop in stage 2, u will notice they make alot of profit.

And for the last question: "what is the h2i really meant for?"
Helping hands international (h2i) is a charity organisation that help the needy, less privilege and the poor. So when you register as a member you are helping someone somewhere in Africa and in Nigeria. So that's the service they render. You can even donate money to them to support the good work of the organisation but people prefer to donate through the business section so they can enjoy all the benefits above.

Anonymous said...

@chinonso, anonymous is asking how h2i generate the money they pay their members as bonus because being a charity organisation means u have to spend money and not gain money

Akinwale Femi Akinrinlola said...

Hello Sir,
I have read some of ur posts.
I have some money to invest and I'm thinking of putting it in H2i instead of the bank.
1. I want to win to win the car including other benefits
2. I want to support my family/siblings and parents with it.
3. How much and how long will it take to win the car?

Please reply ASAP.
Thank you.

Chinonso Charles said...

Helping Hands International is sponsored by Hyandai Motors, GAC motors, HP computers, Apple computers, GLO and diamond bank

And with your contribution as a member and also from different people all over the world they make as much money as you can imagine.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Akinwale Femi Akinrinlola ,,
You are not joining Helping Hands International(H2i) to win a car,, you are guaranteed a car as a member when you complete stage 3. so it’s not a gamble Mr Akinwale Femi

You can receive a laptop in H2i in less than a year and a car between 1-2years with determination and hardwork

Emmanuel Olaiya said...

Good afternoon sir. Please for the helping hand international, what is the total numbers of people to be under me to complete stage 3.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Emmanuel Olaiya,,
All you need is 62 people that have passed through stage one and stage two from your downline to complete your stage 3 and receive your car from H2i

Chuks Jay said...

Hello Mr Chinonso, pls can you enlighten me more on the registration process. As a prospective partner who does not have an ewallet, is it created automatically when I join or do I have to create an ewallet.
Secondly, if I join, let say with one account and I get a prospect that wants to join after showing the prospect the business, how do I now sign up the person given that I just joined and do not have an ewallet account, i.e if it is not automated?
Thirdly, lets say I am able to bring people and it happens that some of them aren't active will they still progress to the next stage since my activity also helps them get the number of people they require to complete a certain stage like you mentioned that 62 people need to pass from stage 1-3 in order for the car to be awarded. Will they also get rewarded for completing a stage based on an upline's or downline's effort asides the other bonuses that comes with direct referral.
Lastly, how else does a member cash out his/her earnings asides transferring a certain amount via ewallet and receiving it's equivalent as deposit?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Chuks Jay

First: The Ewallet is integrated into your H2i account. So once you are registered your Ewallet is ready. And I think I explained how to use it when I replied Moses question above.

Second: *check my reply to Moses question above

Third: Yes they will progress,, I always give an example of someone who completed stage one and stage two without referring a single soul and he still collected his matrix bonus of 10$ in stage one and 1000$ + a laptop in stage 2. He wasn’t good in networking business but he made it due to how active his Upline is

Lastly: Good,, Now in Helping Hands International(H2i) you can withdraw straight from ur h2i account direct to your bank account. Its a good development.

For More Info and fast reply you can always reach me on whatsapp +2347032691811

Bolaji said...

Why is it that Registration fee is paid directly to a personal account not the accounts of H2i which will give a guarantee of dealing with a registered charity organisation in stead of personal name.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Bolaji, Lets explain it this way, You can register on your own directly to h2i but just be prepared to spend up to 12k+ because of the current exchange rate of dollar to naira now but trust Nigerians we will always look for a way things will be easy and cheap for us.

Thats why we make use of "ewallet" because the exchange rate is as simple as N165 to 1 dollar. Making 40$ to be N6600.

Only members of "H2i" have this ewallet and because of that you have to contact a member of h2i, send N6600 to the person, he or she will fund his or her ewallet with 40$ and register you

Once the person registers you, You will have your own ewallet to register other members as a member of h2i

But if you are not comfortable sending money to someone and you are ready to spend 12,000+ for registration in h2i then feel free to contact me, i will explain how you can register on your own

Cheers Mr Bolaji

Klets Cletus Obi said...

So after i register through u i can go to sleep cos am not good at networking.. So what are the risks of not bringing people?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Cletus Obi

I have seen someone who completed stage one and stage two without referring anyone. It can be you. He benefited from spill over due to our multiple registration on a daily basis

Before i joined, I kept saying am not good in networking but thank God for today. Apart from our support to ensure you get your downlines. I will also teach you how I get downlines and design a free blog for you if you need one.

We will teach you how to be good in networking so that you will delete the "impossible" from your dictionary and replace it with "possible"

Elijah Idoko said...

What will be the exchange rate if you transfer 26 dollars to your bank account?

adeolu ojelabi said...

what stage are you now?

Chinonso Charles said...


Stage 3 and Stage 2,, I have multiple accounts. You can have as many accounts as possible in Helping Hands Internatinal (H2i)

Chinonso Charles said...


The exchange rate in H2i is N165 to 1 dollar

165 * 26 is N4290

So you get N4290 into your bank account

Peter Johnson said...

It sounds like a great offer. I think it's everyone's dream to be rewarded with a brand new Hyundai car and 1 brand new apple/HP laptop. I'm currently thinking of what laptop to buy, checking tops like this: I'd be happy if someone would grant me a laptop in addition to a new job)

Anonymous said...

am sorry , is there some who is registered under you from Tanzania? and for instance, I want to register through you and do not possess a convincing power will you help me? nady

Chinonso Charles said...

Yes Nady, And please contact me on whatsapp(+2347032691811), so i can link you to someone in Tanzania

billionear said...

Pastor Samson Peter am interested and am in Tanzania how can i contact you?

Elijah Idoko said...

How many down lines to take you to stage three

Chinonso Charles said...


All you need is 62 of your downlines that have completed stage one under you to move to stage 3

Tola O. Edun said...

Thanks you for a thorough explanation but pls am still confuse about something all what I heard here is tilting towards making money and the illustration and history you have was based on a woman who has passion for helping people so could you please give the list of the organization and country with documented details of who H2i has helped .am not talking about who they help through donations am talking about who they helped without input from the receiving end.
Thank you in advance.

Chinonso Charles said...

Yeah Of course yes, why not?

Please feel free to email me so i can send it to you
i have it in a power point format

cant upload it on the comment section

Anonymous said...

@ Chinonso Charles - I am a member of H2I based in PHC & also run an NGO that offers free PUBLIC SPEAKING COURSES. Will you be kind enough to assist us with information on free blogging. kaykay-watsapp08052895446

Chinonso Charles said...


Okay sir, no problem :D

Anonymous said...

i'm not good at networking but i have friends that believe something when they see it is true. Can u register me under you and link people under me. Thanks
my email Thanks.

Chinonso Charles said...


Alright,, I sent you an email

Anet Muller Koegelenberg said...

Can u give me more info about the EWallet...I am a bit confuse...if I have a Payoneer card, can I use that? I see that I can open an allied EWallet, is it different or are all EWallets the same....I can also use FNB confuse me. Have every organization his own EWallet?

mmute said...

Hello am in Zimbabwe someone told me about h2i so it was really hard for me to believe it but after researching and reading all the above comments am beginning to believe it but from the above comments I did not read any from Zimbabwe has it been launched yet

Chinonso Charles said...

Every organization have their own Ewallet

The H2i Ewallet is for H2i transactions only...

Chinonso Charles said...


yes, some people from Zimbabwe are already members of helping hands international (H2i)

Dan Rowe said...

do they have withdrawal issues because a friend complain on how he want to withdraw his earn but was having issues.. how can that be fixed

Chinonso Charles said...

@Dan Rowe

Withdrawal issues? How?
How much is in his ewallet?

Unknown said...

Well am a member of H2i under team Futuriz,
I so glad and happy that am a member because h2i is the best online business i have even enjoy so far.

Chinonso Charles said...

Thats good

Cheers :D

Anonymous said...

I'm in Zimbabwe how do I join

Unknown said...

i want to join helping hands can i start with 15accounts?and whats my benefit.

Chinonso Charles said...


Contact me as soon as possible though email or WhatsApp,,

You can register as a member of helping hands international(h2i) from any country Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, US, UK, etc

Chinonso Charles said...


Yes you can start with as many accounts as possible in h2i,, it's allowed

When others in helping hands international are collecting one laptop with one account at the end of stage 2,, you are collecting 15 laptops,, so you see the benefits

Jacinta Ikeobi said...

Hello , I am interested ,pese contact me on 08107070950 or

omoniyi ogundele said...

I'm interested..

Anonymous said...

How many people do I need to go to stage 3

Anonymous said...

How many people are required to move from stage 2 to 3

Anonymous said...

Hi, how do I get e laptops,iPad and car after I have finished the required stage

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,, you need 62 people that has completed the previous stage(whether you referred them or you got them through spill over) under you to complete stage 2 and move to stage 3

As for the Incentives,, anywhere you are in the world, all they need is your address and they will send it to your doorstep.

Unknown said...

Am highly interested,what are the necessary procedures? Please my email


Please I am interested. How many accounts can I do that will take me to stage 3 and also qualify me to get the car? This is my email,

Umeh Chiekezie said...

Plz sir can I transfer my h2i dollars to my dollar account?
If yes, how?

Anonymous said...

Nice you have downlines in Badagry?I am interested. You can send me a mail on

titus said...

Hello, am also interested, can you send me an email @

Bankole Moses said...

What's the actual job to be done after registering?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Umeh,, Which dollar account? you mean domiciliary account?

Helping Hands International(H2i)

Chinonso Charles said...

@Moses,, Helping hands international(h2i) as a charity organisation wants you to donate to them so they can continue their charity work of helping the poor, the less privileged and the needy,, then if you recommend them to people you will be rewarded with different incentives as you move from one stage to another

Kate said...

Hello, nice to hear about that. I am in Tanzania, a friend of mine has introduced H2i to me, but i need to know one thing before i join. Do you have an office in Tanzania? Is H2i NGO registered in Tanzania? Do you have any documentations regarding Tanzania's Office registration?

Billyfge said...

Hi, am interested in joining h2i, am from kano state do you have office there

Chinonso Charles said...

@Kate,, yes,, you can contact me so i can link you to h2i members in tanzania for more information on that,,

Chinonso Charles said...

@Billyfge,, feel free to contact me to be linked to other members in kano

Ajereola Charles Damilola said...

You said that I can register more than one account, my question goes does, those account, are they going to be under me or other people?

Aloyzy said...

H2i sounds interesting i just hope its for real bcus am about to join it.

Anonymous said...

Hi am in south Africa how can I change dollars in my account into cash besides resgitering new people

Nomthandazo Njonga said...

Please contact me Chinontso Charles,l am interested as well.My number:0739000742

Jane said...

pls I need help getting people to register under me as I've opened multiple accounts. I wish I had known abt the organization much earlier and also wish I had seen your blog much earlier too, would have registered under you. pls help a sister in need o...I need people who are willing and ready to join o. thank you

Rita said...

Gd day Mr chinonso, am interested but am not good n never done any networking business b4. What are my chances of making it in H2i?

Ann said...

Mr chinonso, is it still possible to partner with you? (ImI a newbie to h2i but can't make progress cos all my attempts at getting people to join has not been successful(. I really need your help and guidance. Thank you as I anticipate your reply.

mcmorgans said...

Good thinking, good product. Nice post. First, what level are u right now and when did you start? Secondly, If I register, can I will I be able to be buying this wallet you talk about?
Finally, what State in Nigeria do u reside?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Ajereola Charles Damilola, you can register them under each other, thats the best thing

Chinonso Charles said...

@Aloyzy, Yes H2i is real. The best time to join helping hands international is now. And you can join h2i from any part of the world

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous, very simple. You can contact your upline or me for that.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Jane, okay.

@Rita, I can show you some of the secrets of prospecting online

@Ann, Its never late. Yes you can.

Helping Hands international H2i New Compensation Plan coming out in the year 2017 watch out for it

@mcmorgans, I have answered that before. With multiple accounts some in stage 3 and some in stage 2,(ii) 2016, (iii) Of course you can (iv)@Enugu at the time of positing this comment


Godwin Ichado said...

I joined this team not quiet long and already in stage two. Am glad i did....Godwin

Donald Chimezie said...

@chinoso u are a nice guy, i just registered last month but now in stage 2. Am so hapi for ur help and guidance. God bless you from John Donald (nigeria)

Anonymous said...

Should I decide to join h2i thru you, can I get the website you talked about earlier, to promote h2i free of charge?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous. Yes of course. you will

Chinonso Charles said...

@Godwin and Donald

You are highly welcome.

This is just the beginning.

Helping Hands International H2i rocks!

Unknown said...

Pls Mr chinonso, I will like to chat you privately on whatsapp. I'm currently in stage 2. I have some questions that's bothering my mind. Thanks. Bola from ibadan

Bankole Oluyemi said...

God bless you for this post. Am glad that am a member of Helping hands international.

Helping Hands is all about building their members capacity to be able to give more than what they could ever do for themselves, their families and the Society as a whole. The Giver or Helper's hand is always on top. Just like you can't give what u don't have, you can't help the poor if you're one of them.

H2i wants to empower you MORE, so you can reach out to more people. This is the basic ideology behind Helping hands!

It is a charity organisation that believe in help the less privilege. I love H2i

if you aint a member kindly join us. sorry boss 4 dropn my number call/whatsapp +2347069641323 to get started

Eguono Ngozi said...

Please can can someone who residing in Canada transfer cash from her H2i e wallet into her bank account?

Eguono Ngozi said...

A a Nigerian partner with H2i, Can I transfer dollar from H2i wallet to my domiciliary account?

Eguono Ngozi said...

A a Nigerian partner with H2i, Can I transfer dollar from H2i wallet to my domiciliary account?

CAJETAN said...


Anonymous said...

Chinonso Charles.

I learnt about H2I from a friend and the website. It is an amazing project to join to help others. My question is: Can I withdraw my from me Ewallet account to mt local bank (Barclays Bank in Uganda) easily? Grace. My email:

Chinonso Charles said...

@Ngozi, Anonymous... you can contact me for how to do that.

@Cajetan. Get in touch


Anonymous said...

Thanks Charles and Cajetan, we shall get in touch when the time comes. God bless you all. Grace.

Imaobong Monday said...

good afternoon sir, pls I want to join through u how can I registered

Unknown said...

Hello Sir

I would like more info please.

Thank u

Unknown said...

Hello Sir

I would like more info please.

Thank u

Chinonso Charles said...

@Unknown, you can get in touch.
@Monday, Contact me on whatsapp for the procedures (+2347032691811)

Mohammed Muktar said...

Good work.....Nice Concept!!!
You are indeed a Trainer.(FBI COACH)
I am a member already and I need your help.

1. I want some secrets on online prospecting.
2. Can you design a Free blog for me to enable me do as you do? You have set a path for learning.... Kudos Bro!


great if you are in tanzania then contact mr nassr lugunda for more info about h2i i have been laernt h2i thru my upliner chinonso charles from nigeria am his downliner visit my blog much details have explained feel free to leave your comment and question....


@ chinonso Charles i would love to register under u here is my email please contact me as soon as possible i base in PHC


Hello, if seven people will take you to stage two from stage one. How many people will take you to stage three and stage four. One after the other please.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Mr Stanley.
Good. Kindly scroll up for answer. Question asked earlier and answered already.

DAVID CJ said...

Please, hw many persons in total do i need to introduce so as to arrive at level two where i could qualify to be awarded a laptop

Chinonso Charles said...

In H2i, each stages have different levels. level 2 of which stage?. And note: you qualify for a laptop when you complete "stage 2"

Anonymous said...

all i want is someone from south Africa in Johannesburg please, i tried to call all numbers but they are on voice mail.please i rili need this and i also want to be helped with my downlines

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous: send them a message on whatsapp or call them on whatsapp. If you are not on whatsapp, email me or add me on facebook.

DAVID CJ said...


Olga Maile said...

Hi im in Swaziland how can i join who is in Swaziland

Chinonso Charles said...

There are 5 levels in stage 2. Same thing with stage 3, stage 4 but stage 5 has only 2 levels

For Monetary value yes they do.

Chinonso Charles said...

I have team members, members of helping hands international in Swaziland. Contact me through my email ( or whatsapp (+2347032691811) so i can link you up with them.

Unknown said...

if I may wen will definitely n h2i launch in South Africa

Unknown said...

if I may wen will definitely n h2i launch in South Africa

Pasco Alphonce said...

Am in Tanzani, there is any Member of H2i in Tanzania? soo that I Can do Interview with him?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Pasco,, There are so many h2i members in Tanzania. Some of their numbers is on the list above.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Unknown,, H2i is also in south africa

Anonymous said...

so hw cum I haven't seen any of h2i branded cars in South Africa nd if there's hasn't been any car launch does dat means if I join nd quickly recruits ppl till stage 3 finished will I b getting a car in next car launch in South Africa.

E. Ohia said...

I live in Port harcourt, Nigeria. I will love to register under you. How do I go about it?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,, maybe you haven't seen in your region but we have alot of ministers already in h2i. Why not, you can.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Ohia,, you can send me a WhatsApp message (+2347032691811) or email me

Akinola Folasade said...

Hello Sir pls I want to join H2i but am in osogbo do u have anybody I can contact and that will be ready to assist me with my down lines thank you sir

Chinonso Charles said...

@Akinola, yes. Get in touch

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to register under you and also register with someone else since u said one can have multiple account

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,, The best thing is to register all your multiple accounts in one place under each other

Anonymous said...

Do you have office in Gombe

Penuel Buswa said...

I will to join but the information about how to and where dont have. If you can direct me in South Africa thank you

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,, yes

Chinonso Charles said...

@Penuel Buswa,, List of members of helping hands international(h2i) South Africa can be found on the post above with their phone numbers.

Or you can contact me on whatsapp(+2347032691811) so i can link you up with them

Anonymous said...

please do you have h2i branch or office at Italy? I need help to register someone in italy

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,, get in touch I will tell you how to register the person in h2i

Anonymous said...

Do h2i have office in Zimbabwe? And where is their is located?


I'm a new member and I want to know more how it works can you add me on any H2i whatsapp group +2348129531699

Jade Graham said...

The Principal, Staff and Students K.V. Minambakkam record their profuse gratitude to the "Helping Hands"for their whole- hearted support. dispensary in boulder colorado called helm hands

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