Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How To Register As A Member Of H2i Helping Hands International

Hello Everyone, today am going to explain in details the registration process in Helping Hands International. I believe by now you must have understood what Helping hands International (H2i) is all about. Helping Hands International (H2i) is a Charity Organisation that helps the poor, the needy and the less privilege. I love the ideology behind this organisation. You don’t just partner to be a member to help the less privilege, you are also empowered financially and you also enjoy so many benefits like A laptop, A car, a trip to Dubai, loan, yearly salary, scholarship for your children, a house, etc when you complete various stages.

           Now to register as a member of H2i, you must decide on how many h2i account you will like to start with because in h2i you can create as many account as possible depending on how much you can afford for a start. For example 1 account is 40$(N6600), 2 accounts is 80$(13,200), 3 accounts is 120$(N19,800) and so on. Someone with 3 accounts will earn 3 times what someone with 1 account will earn. Someone with 3 accounts will collect 3 laptops but 1 account is just one laptop. So it depends on you. But you can start with one account if you don’t have enough money then when you start making money from the one account, you can create more h2i account.
    Mr Potter is ready with his N6600 for registration and he wants to register under our team because he wants a free blog designed for him from us J . Now Mr potter is going to contact me, And he will send 6600 to any of my Nigerian bank account.

ACC NO: 3092879451
TYPE: Savings


ACC NO: 0173611879
TYPE: current


ACC NO: 2056747267
TYPE: Savings

       Don't panic yet!

You will be wondering why Mr Potter is sending his registration fee to me?? and not directly to helping hands international h2i?? Please o! the best way to register is through a member of helping hands international. Let me explain. There are two ways you can register

1. Register through perfect money or other means directly to h2i and spend up to 13k for one h2i account because of the exchange rate of up to N330 to 1 $ now

2. Ewallet: Or you send money(6600) to a member of helping hands to use 40$ from his or her ewallet to register you. The exchange rate in ewallet is just N165 to 1$(40*165 is 6600). Its only members of h2i that have ewallet. So once you are registered you will have your own ewallet to register other member also at a cheaper rate too.

But if you are not comfortable with registering through a member of h2i feel free to contact me and I will be glad to explain how you can register on your own directly to h2i spending 13k+ during the process.

                Now once Mr potter sends me the 6600, He will send me a message on whatsapp(07032691811) or an email to (chinonsocharles@gmail.com) telling me “Mr Chinonso send me the H2i form”. Once I confirm the payment, I will send the form to Mr Potter and I will use the 6600 to fund my Ewallet with 40$. How will I fund my Ewallet with 40$? All I have to do is send the 6600 to any member of H2i that have up to 40$ in his or her Ewallet. Then the person will send 40$ to my Ewallet and I will register My Potter. Dollar is always available even if you want to register 15 accounts at once. Is as simple as that.

So To register Mr Potter, I already have up to 40$ in my Ewallet so am going to login,
Let me use one of stage 2 account that have up to 40$ to demonstrate.

Helping Hands International H2i
Click to expand*

Once I login, the “Available fund” will tell me how much I have in my Ewallet like the picture above.

Then am going to click on my “Replicated Url”. Its showed below:

Helping Hands International H2i
Click to expand*

When you click on “Replicated Url” it will take you to a sales page like the one showed below:

H2i Helping Hands Internaional
Click to expand*

Then you scroll down to the bottom and look for “sign up”

Helping Hands International H2i
Click to expand*

Ooh we found it, then we click on it and it will take us to “Registration Page” were I will register Mr Potter. Just like the one below

Helping Hands International H2i
Click to expand*

After that I will click on next to make payment using my Ewallet

H2i Helping Hands International
Click to expand*

Then I will Select “EWALLET” as the registration payment mode

H2i Helping Hands International
Click to expand*

At the “Payment by Ewallet” page,, i will re-enter my user name, my password and my transaction password and click on “Sign me Up”! It will take me to Mr Potter’s New account,, If it asks me of any Elite member contribution? I will select “Not interested” for now.

Once I do that, Mr Potter is now a member Of Helping Hands International (H2i). And he will enjoy so many benefits from our team like a free blog so on.

Click here to read about H2i and see the benefits of joining us

Contact Us Now:
Chinonso Charles
Email: chinonsocharles@gmail.com or asaduchinonso@gmail.com
Phone no: 07032691811 or 08180966198
WhatsApp: 07032691811
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chinonso.charles2
Twitter: @gunnersky

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team South Africa:

Mr Mayamiko:
Phone and Whatsapp: +27616748045
Email: mayamalola@gmail.com

Mrs Catherine:
Phone and Whatsapp: +27827117317
Email: monyaki24gmail.com

Mr Phakiso Simon
Phone and whatsapp: +2781516 4597
Email: matikane45@yahoo.co.za

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Lesotho:
Mrs Manako Tetsoane:
Phone and whatsapp: +2665906912
Email: mtetsoane@gmail.com

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Tanzania:
Mr Nassor
Phone and whatsapp: +255766693697
Email: luguthegreat9@gmail.com

Mr Thomas
Phone and whatsapp: +255767491733
Email: mtmwabili@yahoo.com

Mr Idd Ally Athuman
Phone and whatsapp: +255767491733

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Uganda:
Mrs Doreen
Phone and whatsapp: +256701241066

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Jamaica:
Mrs Ellen Edwards:
Phone and whatsapp: +1(876)277-0407


Bolaji said...

I'm not yet convinced why we must pay into personal accounts of Chinonso Charles (ọmọ ibo). I'm confused pls..!!!

Chinonso Charles said...

lol@ Omo Ibo

Bolaji, Lets explain it this way, You can register on your own but just be prepared to spend up to 12k+ because of the current exchange rate of dollar to naira now

We make use of "ewallet" because the exchange rate is as simple as N165 to 1 dollar. Making 40$ to be 6600.

Only members of "H2i" have this ewallet and because of that you have to contact a member of h2i, send 6600 to the person, he or she will fund his or her ewallet with 40$ and register you

Once the person registers you, You will have your own ewallet to register other members as a member of h2i

But if you are not comfortable sending money to someone and you are ready to spend 12,000+ for registration in h2i then feel free to contact me, i will explain how you can register on your own

Cheers Mr Bolaji

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Infor. Will get back to u.

Chinonso Charles said...


You are welcome


Adaeze Eze said...

Hii pls am now a member got registered by a friend but what I want to find out is how to register other ppl how do I fund the ewallet ?

Adaeze Eze said...

Hii pls am now a member got registered by a friend but what I want to find out is how to register other ppl how do I fund the ewallet ?

Anonymous said...

I got registered in 2015, October to be précised under the umbrella of NICOWA in Uyo. I was given a user ID, password and login. But as at the time of this writing I can not access the h2i back office. Why?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Adaeze,, To fund your ewallet, you can buy 40$ from any member of h2i, the person will send the 40$ to your ewallet, then you login and go to "register new member" in the menu, fill in the form and pay with ewallet, thats all,, doesnt take up to 15 minutes

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,, maybe you forgot your password or you are typing the password in an upper/lower case or they made mistake in the password during registration

Very simple,, all you have to do is go to the login page, click on "forgot?" it will take you to another page. Enter your email in the Email id box, enter username in the user id/username box then click on send,, they will send you your correct password to your email, then everyone is happy...


I'm TITUS, hopping to be a member of the H2i. after I have done my registration through a member, how do I continue registering others?

Eninu William said...

I am in Uganda and also a new member, how do i register someone interested in joining but is from Egypt.?

Chinonso Charles said...

@ Titus,, Registering others wont be difficult at all,, As a member of helping hands international(h2i) with your ewallet, you can easily do that

Chinonso Charles said...

@Eninu,, As a h2i member from Uganda all you have to do is contact the person to send you 40$ through any payment method. then you fund your ewallet with 40$ and register him or her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinonso,
I want to register but donno how. Can u register me? My number is 07039878010

Onyema Azu said...

please if i start with a multiple accounts will they all be under me? and will they boost my stage too?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Onyema,, yes multiple accounts are allowed

if you really want to go far and take Helping Hands International(h2i) serious,, register as many account as possible

and they all will be registered under you,, boosting your stage and you also earn for registering multiple accounts.

margaret maneju yakubu said...

Hello, what if I register with 3accounts does it mean that I will get my bonus immediately after my registration or until I have people registered under me.

Unknown said...

Hi Chinonso Chales, how do you make profit and what will be my returns if i join

Anonymous said...

If i pay $40 into your local account and nothing happens thereafter. Wetin make i do? ��

Chinonso Charles said...

@Margaret,, you will get your bonus immediately after your registration with the two extra accounts.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Unknown, in h2i, you make profit from referral bonus, matrix bonus and matching bonuses

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,lol something will happen because your h2i account will be ready that day. Nobody is running away with your money. Registration doesnt take more than 30 minutes

If nothing happens you know how to contact me:

gracee said...

that's good...will contact you soon

Nora Joel said...

Hello chinonso can I still register through you?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Nora. Yes you can

The best time to join our team in helping hands international h2i is now because we are growing bigger

Helping Hands international(H2i) new compensation plan coming out soon!

Anonymous said...

hi im sylvia im also interested but i dont have money now i will contact you when im ready to join

Chinonso Charles said...

Alright @Sylvia

Philip Ayittah said...

Congratulations for the explanations. i want to be a member but i live in Ghana.Do you have office in Ghana?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Philip,, H2i is international. Its in Ghana. You can get across to me.

lyn said...

I want to join H2i. aim from the Solomon islands, how do I join?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Lyn,, Email me @ chinonsocharles@gmail.com for procedure on how to join H2i from your country.


Anonymous said...

HI I AM FROM BOTSWANA AND I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN H2i like anytym this week how do i go about joining?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Anonymous,, you can contact me on whatsapp +2347032691811

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