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More Information About Helping Hands International (H2i)

Helping Hands International (H2i) is an International NGO that helps the poor, the less privilege and the needy in the society. As a partner with this organisation, you enjoy so many benefits from them. As an NGO they operate with donations from individuals & Corporate bodies like Hyandai Motors, GAC motors, HP computers, Apple computers, GLO and diamond bank.

Helping Hands International render five(5) services namely:

1. Humanitarian services: As partner, you have the opportunity to recommend two (2) less privileged and an orphanage home. On your behalf, H2I will empower the less privileged persons with $1000 each.

2. Trade and skill acquisition: As partner, you also have opportunity to enroll for a free trade and skill acquisition which include:-Computer Appreciation -Website Design -Fish/ Poultry farming -Soap Insecticides -Perfume production -Bead and Hat making -Paint production -Car tracking etc.
You also get Certificate at the end of the training.

3. Assets and property support: As partner, helping hands pays 70% of the property you want to purchase.

4. Financial empowerment services: As partner you get loan up to $44,000, without interest or collateral.

5. Scholarship award: As partner, you receive scholarship award up to $2000 each for two of your children.

Now lets Look at 20 good reasons why you have to join Helping Hands International(H2i)

20 reasons why you should partner with Helping Hands International (H2i)

1. Loan: Obtain A Loan Of Up To N7m. No Interest, No Collateral.
2. Free Brand New Cars: Acquire A Brand New Hyundai Elantra or GAC depend on your choice (Full Paid For By H2i).
3. Asset & Property Support: Acquire Any Asset Or Property Of Your Choice, Even With Your Available 30% Cash.
4. Trade & Skill Empowerment: Learn Any Trade Or Skill Of Your Choice Free Of Charge.
5. Earn Unlimited Cash, : Earn An Unlimited Amount Cash Inflow Of Daily, Weekly & Monthly.
6. Land & House Of Your Own: Acquire a plot of land in the H2i Land Availability locations Of Your Choice.
7. Free branded Apple Ipad /HP Laptop: Get Either An Apple Ipad Or HP Laptop, Based On Your Choice.
8. Empowerment For 2: Have The Privilege of Touching The Lives of 2 People of your Choice (Orhans, Widows, Less Privileged) with $1000 Each.
9. Scholarship: Get Scholarship For Any Of Your 2 Children, Even To University Level.
10. Exotic International Travels: Free Dubai Trips (Plus Shopping Token).
11. Opportunity To Empower Any Motherless Babies Home Of Your Choice: You Pick Any Orphanage Home Of Your Choice And H2i Empowers Them On Your Behalf.
12. Get A Free glo CUG Line: Our Members Get Free CUG Glo Lines Call Other Members.
13. Get Paid For Your Skills: Are You Skilled In any Craft or Skills and You Can Pass The knowledge To Others? .. Well, Members Get Paid For Instructorship.
14. Religious Empowerment: On Your Behalf, H2i Touches the Lives Of your Religious Brothers And Sisters (Christians/Muslims).
15. Get Connected: Opportunity To Meet Like-Minded Businessmen and Women.
16. You are Unlimited: With H2i, No Limitations To What you Can Achieve In any given time or place. You are Truly Unlimited.
17. Low start up donation of JUST $40/N6,600/ghc160/cfa26000.
18. Full Support:Both the company and Members give full support to New Members.
19. Best Incentives: Incentives start at Stage 2 unlike others that place it at Stage 7 and above.
20. Be Your own Boss: You work at your leisure time, you can make it part time or full time based on your choice.

Let’s Look at a quick summary of the benefits from All the stages

Benefits From the different Stages in H2i
STAGE 1. Register with N6,600, get 2 people to register, you will earn earn N4,290 or N9,570 when you register 6 people ( You can register more people and earn more money cos you will earn N1,320 per person you registered).
Other Benefits: you will be entitled to learn any skill of your choice and h2i will pay for it. The courses include: Computer appreciation, Website design, Soap and perfume production, Bead and Hat  making, Fish farming, Paint production, Baking etc. With international certificate from H2i.
STAGE 2: You earn N165,000 plus a brand new Apple ipad or HP laptop and GLO CUG line, get landed property.
STAGE 3: You earn N495,000 plus brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA , You will be given N330,000 to empower 2 needy in your area, An all expense paid international trip, Acquire any skill you want to acquire for free.
STAGE 4: You ear N990,000, plus a BRAND NEW HYUNDAI IX35 JEEP, A motherless home will be empowered on your recommendation and on your behalf, Interest and collateral free loan of N1,980,000 on your request.
STAGE 5: You earn N1,980,000, plus housing support fund of N6,600,000, then educational support of N330,000 for 2 of your kids, Then you keep earning 1.6MILLION yearly.
These are the benefits you will get from H2i with just your one time donation of $40 (N6,600), no monthly renewer, no buying and selling of product, Just rendering services. Join this moving train now.

However, H2i allows one person to have more than one account.
If you have the capacity to invite more than two people, you can choose to go for multiple account registrations.
1 account =($40) N6,600
3 accounts = ($120)N19,800
7 accounts =($280) N46,200
15 accounts =($600) N99,000
31 accounts = ($1240) N204,600
60 accounts =($2400) N396,000
100 accounts =($4000 ) N660,000
Depending on your financial capacity also, you can choose the number of accounts you wish to have with H2i.
Multiple accounts = multiple responsibilities
And multiple accounts = multiple earnings.
With 1 account, you'll have.. 
:1 laptop after stage two,
:1 Elantra car after stage three and 
:1 Jeep after stage 4.

But With 100 accounts, you'll have.. 
:100 laptops after stage two,
:100 Elantra cars after stage three and 
100 Jeep after stage 4.
Similarly, with 15/31 accounts, every reward is in 15/31 places.
I always encourage my prospects to have at least 3 accounts.
It's GOOD with 1 account, BETTER with 3 accounts, BEST with 7 accounts, MORE BEST with 15 accounts and MOST BEST😄 with 31accounts.
And more
So make your choice.

For More Information on how to Join my fast growing team in Helping Hands International contact me now!

For more information about Helping Hands International contact me now!

Chinonso Charles
Email: chinonsocharles@gmail.com or asaduchinonso@gmail.com
Phone no: 07032691811 or 08180966198
SMS: 08180966198
Google+: Chinonso Charles
WhatsApp: 07032691811
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chinonso.charles2
Twitter: @gunnersky

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team South Africa:

Mr Mayamiko:
 Phone and Whatsapp: +27616748045
 Email: mayamalola@gmail.com

Mrs Catherine:
 Phone and Whatsapp: +27837528702
 Email: monyaki24gmail.com

Mr Phakiso Simon
 Phone and whatsapp: +2781516 4597
 Email: matikane45@yahoo.co.za

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Lesotho:
Mrs Manako Tetsoane:
 Phone and whatsapp: +2665906912
 Email: mtetsoane@gmail.com

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Tanzania:
Mr Nassor
 Phone and whatsapp: +255766693697
 Email: luguthegreat9@gmail.com

Mr Thomas
 Phone and whatsapp: +255767491733
 Email: mtmwabili@yahoo.com

Mr Idd Ally Athuman
 Phone and whatsapp: +255767491733

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Uganda:
Mrs Doreen
 Phone and whatsapp: +256701241066

For  Helping Hands International (H2i) Team Jamaica:
Mrs Ellen Edwards:

 Phone and whatsapp: +1(876)277-0407


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