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How To Partner With Fortune Builders International FBI

I was just going through my phone someday and I got a message from a friend. He asked me if I knew about the FBI networking business. I laughed, of course, since I knew about the FBI…Wait a minute, what did he mean by “FBI networking business?”He told me the FBI here means Fortune builders International and not the general FBI everyone knows

            What is Fortune Builders International all about? Well it operates in the same pattern as HelpingHands International (h2i) because both try to tackle poverty in the world and are non-governmental organizations.
            Fortune Builders International is a Columbia-based charity working tirelessly to eradicate poverty through education, transform the lives of children, and create opportunities for young people.

Aims and Objectives of Fortune Builders International (FBI)
To promote and advance moral education
To render assistance directly and, through the establishment of social welfare organizations, help women in distress, especially widows without any means of support and those neglected and ill-treated by their husbands or other members of their family
To offer educational scholarships to less privileged children.
To organize seminars, activities and forums that will empower young people to realize their potential.

Mission of Fortune Builders International (FBI)

“To provide financial freedom to members of the online platform and empower lots of widows or any woman in need as well as providing a sound education to poor kids.

Benefits of Members of Fortune Builders International (FBI)
As a member of fortune builders international, what are your benefits? Here is the compensation plan and how you can register.

How to Become a Member of Fortune Builders International and Benefits
You register with a one-time membership fee of $30 (N6, 000). It’s six thousand naira because the exchange rate is $1 to N200 and it is constant.
It’s a new NGO and registration started in June 2017. Get in touch as soon as possible to become among the first set of people to join our team. You will have a high chance of getting people registered under you through the spill-over of down liners. You’ll also get a free blog to promote your business and be taught how to use your blog to do that (Whatsapp: 07032691811).

This has the shortest matrix and stages ever in the history of multi-level marketing.
The organization has four stages namely:
1. Foundation Stage
2. Builder Stage
3. Achiever stage
4. Super Achiever
All are all 3*2 Matrix. A 3*2 matrix is represented in the picture below.


Let’s explain the different stages in details

After registration you will receive $5×200= N1000 on each person that joined under you.
Level 1.  3×$5=$15×200=N3000
Level 2.  9×$5=$45×200=N9000
Matrix bonus.  $12.5×200=N2500
Total: $72.5×200=N4500


On each person that joined you in this stage, you will be receive $10
Level 1.  3×$10=$30×200=N6,000
Level 2.  9×$10=$90×200=N18,000
Matrix bonus.  $80×200=N16,000
Total:  $200×200=N40,000

1. Food stuff worth $50×200=N10,000
2. Fan, phone, electric cooker worth $50×200=N10,000.

On each person that joined you in stage 2, you will be collecting $25
Level 1.  3×$25=$75×200=#15,000
Level 2.  9×$25=$225×200=#45,000
matrix bonus.  $300×200=#60,000

1. Food stuff worth $250×200=N50,000
2. laptop or iPad or Air conditional or Refrigerator or Flat Screen TV worth $750×200=N150,000
3. International Trip worth $2500×200=N500,000

On each person that joins you in this stage, you will receive $75
Level 1.  3×$75=$225×200=N45,000
Level 2.  9×$75=$675×200=N135,000
Matrix bonus. $1,100×200=N220,000
Total Money N200×200=N400,000

1. Food Stuff worth $500×200=N100,000
2. Exclusive SUV Jeep worth $25,000×200=N5,000,000
3. Charity Fund worth $1000×200=N200,000

There is recycling in stage 3 only.

 For More Information about Fortune Builders International (FBI) contact us:

Chinonso Charles


Email: or
Phone no: 07032691811 
Google+: Chinonso Charles
WhatsApp: +2347032691811 


Emeka Ugwu said...

Please Charles how can I register?

Allen Hebron said...

Is this real?

Chinonso Charles said...

@Emeka,, you can contact me on whatsapp (+237032691811) to be among the first group to be registered

Chinonso Charles said...

@Allen,, Yes it is.

odile ikenna said...

Plz how can someone register someboby

peto1 said...

send me your username as my sponsor-i want to register-

peto1 said...

send me your First name,last name and username as my sponsor-i want to register-

Chinonso Charles said...

@Odile. Registering someone on fortune builders international is not difficult. Get in contact with me and i will teach you.

Chinonso Charles said...

@Peto1. Please check your email.

And no need to drop your email here.

My email is in the post above. Just send me a direct message for a quick response.

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Unknown said...

Is the fortune builders platform still functioning? To all that is on the platform, please kindly give your experience.

Unknown said...

Kindly beep me on WhatsApp, for your experience and how to get along. 08082696715.

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