Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How to Register on H2i Using Bitcoin and More update on Helping Hands International

It’s been a while I posted on Helping Hands International (H2i). There has been a lot of development lately. Even the website name was changed recently after the last maintenance and many members are not aware of this. I usually get a lot of calls from people asking why the H2i website is not going. Helping Hands International (h2i) has changed their website from “helpinghandsinternational.biz” to “helpinghandsint.biz”. The website name was changed because of security reasons and it is well-explained on the homepage of the new site. If you login with the new website and you notice any changes on your control panel, all you have to do is email them with your complain and they will get back to you. Earlier this year, the registration fee was meant to be increased to 91$ but good news, the board has agreed to maintain the registration fee of 40$.

Using Bitcoin to Register on H2i
Finally, Bitcoin can now be used to order for H2i dollars and to register on the helping hands international platform. For those of you who don’t know about Bitcoin, it is an online currency designed with a new technology called blockchain. It’s well accepted worldwide for buying and selling of goods. It has proven to be a trusted currency.
To register on H2i using Bitcoin is very simple. First thing you have to do is login using your username and password

Login page*

Go to the menu section by the left and click on Ewallet section and scroll down to “Add funds to wallet” and click on it. It will take you to the “Add fund” page shown below:

Click to enlarge*

Enter the amount you want to fund in dollar and click on “generate”. Next you will be given the Bitcoin address you will send the dollar to. Once done, email the admin through the email address provided on the page. Include your username and amount transferred and you are done. 

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The admin will fund your Ewallet once the payment is confirmed.
To learn more on other ways to register on Helping Hands International, click here or you can call or whatsapp me using the number below the post.

More Update on Helping Hands International H2i
Good news to all members of H2i. Helping Hands international management is coming up with a MasterCard for members. With the MasterCard, you can withdraw from the ATM. You can shop online using the H2i MasterCard, pay for goods and services in super markets and malls. The card costs 26$ but it has a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits are listed in the image below:

For more information about H2i and how to promote your helping hands international business, feel free to call or email me for coaching:

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I was told helping hands international has changed it's registration fee from $40 to $60 is that so? If yes, has bonuses and incentives changed?

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