Sunday, November 19, 2017

How To Partner with 3pexcel and Enjoy Their Services

I was discussing with my friends the other day and one of them asked why is it difficult to be successful in multi – level networking business. People find it difficult to recommend/refer someone to join a networking business. I told him that everyone in the world does networking and are very good at it but doesn’t get paid for recommending products or service to another person. You recommend someone to a barbershop but you don’t get paid for it. You tell someone to buy this type of car from this company but you don’t get paid for it. In multi-level marketing you recommend a product or service from a company to someone and you are given a commission and paid other bonuses. This makes it great, getting paid for helping someone buy a product. All you have to do is find a platform where you can let a lot of people be aware about the product and services. And he said that’s why he likes 3pexcel. 3pexcel? 

What is 3pexcel ?

            We did our research about 3pexcels and we found out that it is a registered multi- level marketing business that offers discounts to some products and service online on their platform. Everyone loves discounts. So as a registered member of 3pexcels you have access to some products and services at a very low price. The full meaning of 3pexcel is people, products and profits. 3pexcel is registered in California, United State of America and also with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. They also deal with business consulting and outsourcing, training and finance management, high end IT infrastructure procurement and installations.

Some 3pexcel Product and services.

1.     Finance: They help in your project funding and give free interest micro loans

2.     Travel: This includes land transport, airport shuttle, flight booking, visa assistance, travel insurance at a low price.

3.     Insurance: As a member, you are offered a life insurance

4.     E-commerce platform: Where you can buy products at a lower price

5.     Real Estate: They can help with property acquisition

6.     Law: legal advice and consulting

7.     Information technology: It includes hardware engineering and website design.

8.     Education: Vocational skills acquisition

9.     Investment: Individuals savings and premium savings

To enjoy all the products and services you have to become a member of 3pexcels.

How to Join 3pexcel

To become a member of 3pexcel you have to purchase a pin for registration worth $100 or N30,000. This will also include a discount card from the company which will be sent to your location.

You can purchase pins for registration from us:

Some of the benefits of joining our 3pexcel team include:

         Organization of free seminars for you and your prospects if need be.

Free website/blog designing for your business.

                E-books on how to promote your business website/blog will be made available to you for free.

              Due to regular registration from our team leader’s group, we will help you to grow even if you are not good in referral.

To learn more on how to become part of our team group in 3pexcel add us on whatsapp (+2347032691811).

3pexcel has six stages and they are well explained in the next post

More on 3pexcel

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