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The Compensation Plan of 3pexcel And Their Stage Bonuses

In the previous post, we talked about the company 3pexcel and what it stands for. We also tried to explain some of their products and services and how you can enjoy the services at a discount rate. Part of what I discussed was how to purchase a pin for registration. Once you purchase a pin for registration, you will be given a 3pexcel discount card. Some of the benefits you get from us when you purchase a pin for registration from us were also talked about in the last post. Today we are going to look at the compensation plan of 3pexcel and their stage bonuses. If you haven’t read about 3pexcel and you have no idea of what it is all about, you can read the previous post (what is 3pexcel) before proceeding with this.
            As a member of 3pexcel, you will be given access to “mshop” where you can purchase different products and services at a discount rate. You can tell your friends and family about this wonderful opportunity. If you do, then you will be rewarded as you move from one stage in 3pexcel to another.

Tutorials on How to Get Referrals/Prospects/Downline Online to register under you in 3pexcels.

Some people find it difficult to get prospects who will register under them in multi level market business like this.  If you are one of them, you can contact me I will explain to you some online strategies that will not cost you anything which I use in referring people in multi level marketing. This will help you find business people who are interested in online businesses.
Now lets look at the compensation plan of 3pexcel

3pexcel Compensation Plan

3pexcel is made up of 6 stages. And it’s a 2*2 matrix. This means that you only need a total of 6 people to fill up a stage in order to complete it. Lets break them down for proper understanding.

Stage One:
            Once you register in 3pexcel you are placed in stage one. Stage one is called the silver stage. Once you introduce two people(example Mr Mcdonald and Mrs Natasha) and they register, you get $50(N15000) each from two of them as a direct bonus. Automatically you make back the money you used to buy a pin. If Mr Mcdonald and Mrs Natasha brings in two people each(example: Nicole, Branson, Alex and Eva), you get an indirect bonus of $25(N7,500) each for the 4 of them.

Stage one*

            So in total you get N15,000($50)*2 + N7,500($25)*4 which gives you N60,000. It’s paid straight to your bank account once you request for it. No delay. 1dollar is equivalent to N300 in 3 pexcel. Once completed, you move over to stage two

Stage Two:
            This stage is called the Gold stage. People who fill up this stage are not new members. They are people you left behind in stage one. In this case, Mr Mcdonald, Mrs Natasha, Nicole, Branson, Alex and Eva. You work together as a team to also help your downlines to grow. 3pexcels is a team work. Once they complete their own six, they move over to stage two to fill up your stage 2.
Stage two*

Once this is done you earn a total bonus of $300(N90,000) and you move to stage three. This can be paid straight to your bank account once you request for it.
Stage Three:
            This stage is called the platinum stage. It also needs 6 people and the 6 are people you left behind in stage two and not new members.

Stage three*

The stage bonues for platinum stage includes N300,000($1,000) cash and Electronics worth N150,000($500) once completed.

Stage Four:
            Ruby is what this stage is called. Same six downlines you left behind in platinum once they complete their platinum stage, they fill up your Ruby stage for this stage to be completed.

Stage four*

Bonues you get when you complete the ruby stage includes N1.5 million($5,000) and international trip worth over N1.8million.

Stage Five:
            This is known as the Emerald stage. Its my favorite stage. The same six people is all you need. Once they complete their stage four, they fill up your emerald stage in order for you to complete it.
Stage five*

Emerald stage bonuses includes N6million($20,000) in cash and SUV worth N9million($30,000).

Stage Six:
            This is the final stage in 3pexcel and its called the Diamond stage. Once the six you left behind in emerald stage completes the stage, they will meet you in the diamond stage and fill up your diamond stage matrix.

Stage six*

Once you complete this stage, you get a stage bonus of N15million($15,000 in cash and a semi detached duplex worth N30million($100,000).

Note that the stage bonuses are paid straight to your bank account when you earn them from 3pexcel. No need to start looking for who to sell your dollar to when you earn them. That’s the good thing about 3pexcel.

For More Information on 3pexcel Contact:

Chinonso Charles
Email: chinonsocharles@gmail.com or asaduchinonso@gmail.com
Phone no: 07032691811 or 08180966198
Google+: Chinonso Charles
WhatsApp: +2347032691811 
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